The best dating apps on Android and iPhone

Everyone wants to find a soul mate and share a life together so that they do not stay forever alone. Previously, we used dating sites to find great love, fill a profile with very personal information.

But today, you could easily and more easily use dating apps to find your half.

But what are the best Android and iPhone dating apps to download without wasting time?

Finding love on the net, old-fashioned against apps

Indeed, the percentage of French couples who have met via the Internet is growing more and more, but dating applications have surpassed these sites. The system is much more convenient via your smartphone.

You may have an opportunity to identify profiles that match you and have the long-awaited favorite. You could expect a quick meeting without having to commit yourself.

To remain solitary in doubt and in the stress waiting for the returns in the sites is indeed embarrassing. With dating applications, the system is simpler, reciprocity is notified as soon as you have presented your interests in relation to the profile.
Find love on apps, why not?

Finding love through dating apps through your smartphone has become more and more commonplace and commonplace. The key is to find the right partner without worrying about how you did it.

Why then wait for the rare pearl if you can select from the panoply of user profiles who are also looking for love just like you? To help you, we will therefore recommend the best dating apps on iPhone and Android.
The best dating apps made for you

Among the diversity of dating applications, difficult to make the choice. To enlighten you, we will quote some of the best.


With Happn, the profiles that are offered to you are only people you have met during your travels (commute to work, weekend outing, weekly shopping, etc …). You can then apply a filter, as in all dating apps, to select profiles based on age, for example.

Download Happn: Android | iPhone


3nder dating app for threesomes makes you scroll through a list of subscribers automatically in your surroundings. Indeed, the application works by geolocation. The photographs and profiles will be displayed to facilitate your choice and you will only have to validate or not a profile to hope to meet this person.

Download Tinder: Android | iPhone


Badoo dating app to a very original concept. Indeed he gives the power to the ladies who can, if they are interested, allow a guy to make them court. They can also put it in their basket. Men have charms to try to seduce young ladies. This application is actually based on e-commerce sites to spice up the meeting through a touch of humor.

Download Adopt A Dude: Android | iPhone

Reel Me

Also ranked among the best, Reel Me, to maximize your chances, relied on the video for a short description. It allows you to summarize in a few sentences your personality and your expectations.

Download Reel Me: Android | iPhone


Once offers a very original concept, far from offering all other dating applications. Every day, one of the experts at Once will select one and only one person that he deems compatible with your profile. If you like the profile of the selected person and it is reciprocal, you can then discuss with and why not meet it very quickly.

Download Once: Android | iPhone
Lovoo – Dating Chat

Lovoo also works on the principle of geolocation by offering a radar on which you can discover people nearby. In this app, you can also play “Match” to later hope to chat with the person who seduced you.

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