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3nder Dating App For Couples : A Tinder for Threesomes

What is the next logical step after finding the soul mate on Tinder? A threesome with the 3nder app, of course! It was only a matter of time, there is now a mobile app to find one or more partners for a “trip to three”. Read more »

I tested 3 of the most popular adult dating sites

Among the multitude of adult dating sites available on the net, here is a good list, some are clearly distinguished by their reputation and popularity. As a sex lover always looking for new ways to make hot encounters near my home, it goes without saying that I am constantly on the lookout for novelties and the best ways to send me in the air in less time than it takes to say. That’s why I decided to test 3 of the best adult dating sites. Here is the summary of my experience on each of these platforms. Read more »

Is it a good idea to have a friends with benefits relationship

It’s more than a friend because it’s sexual. It’s less than a lover because, for love, it’s no. The sexfriend, for girls today, is this a good medium term?

Friends with benefits relationship

I start with my girlfriend Claire. Of all my friends, it’s the one with the most difficult sex life to follow. Sure, she’ll be able to help me.

“No, Sasha, I do not think my testimony serves you. ” But why ? “Because, often, we take a sexfriend between two serious relationships. Except that I, the serious relations, I flee them. So it’s like I only have friends with benefits. For me, it’s a “way of life”. ”

Ah. This is an interesting point of view. So like that, she only sleeps with guys who are almost friends? “Either buddies who become friends with benefits or one-shots. ”

What is a one-shot? “He’s a guy you only sleep with once. ” Ah OK. “But if the one-shot is a good shot, he can become a sexfriend. That’s my criterion. In a way, my friends with benefits are my serious relationship to me. “ Read more »