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FetLife is a Social Network for BDSM, fetishism, and kink

Never before had fetishes and perversions been so popular as they are today. I do not know if it’s because the invention of the Internet has led to greater transparency and communication about the deepest sexual desires of people or because we are becoming more open and accepting more things as a society. Or maybe it’s something else. Whatever the reason, more and more people are accessing their fetishes and this is a beautiful thing to see. Read more »

The best adult dating sites in 2019

Love is great, but we sometimes want something else, and that’s why the God of the internet has created light dating sites, here is a selection of the most effective. Read more »

3nder Dating App For Couples : A Tinder for Threesomes

What is the next logical step after finding the soul mate on Tinder? A threesome with the 3nder app, of course! It was only a matter of time, there is now a mobile app to find one or more partners for a “trip to three”. Read more »

8 sites like Chatroulette, copies, clones and flops

There is no longer Chatroulette, a website for random meetings by Webcams that has had a lot of success a few years ago and is slowly being forgotten.

The original site that was launched in 2009 still exists, although multiple clones have since emerged including in the field of mobile applications. The principle is to connect randomly on the webcams perfect for video chat with them. Read more »

I tested 3 of the most popular adult dating sites

Among the multitude of adult dating sites available on the net, here is a good list, some are clearly distinguished by their reputation and popularity. As a sex lover always looking for new ways to make hot encounters near my home, it goes without saying that I am constantly on the lookout for novelties and the best ways to send me in the air in less time than it takes to say. That’s why I decided to test 3 of the best adult dating sites. Here is the summary of my experience on each of these platforms. Read more »

The best dating apps on Android and iPhone

Everyone wants to find a soul mate and share a life together so that they do not stay forever alone. Previously, we used dating sites to find great love, fill a profile with very personal information.

But today, you could easily and more easily use dating apps to find your half.

But what are the best Android and iPhone dating apps to download without wasting time?

Finding love on the net, old-fashioned against apps Read more »

Is it a good idea to have a friends with benefits relationship

It’s more than a friend because it’s sexual. It’s less than a lover because, for love, it’s no. The sexfriend, for girls today, is this a good medium term?

Friends with benefits relationship

I start with my girlfriend Claire. Of all my friends, it’s the one with the most difficult sex life to follow. Sure, she’ll be able to help me.

“No, Sasha, I do not think my testimony serves you. ” But why ? “Because, often, we take a sexfriend between two serious relationships. Except that I, the serious relations, I flee them. So it’s like I only have friends with benefits. For me, it’s a “way of life”. ”

Ah. This is an interesting point of view. So like that, she only sleeps with guys who are almost friends? “Either buddies who become friends with benefits or one-shots. ”

What is a one-shot? “He’s a guy you only sleep with once. ” Ah OK. “But if the one-shot is a good shot, he can become a sexfriend. That’s my criterion. In a way, my friends with benefits are my serious relationship to me. “ Read more »

A Green Economy Could Create 18 Million Jobs, UN report says

The UN estimates, in a report released Tuesday, that the fight against global warming would create 18 million jobs by 2030. But the consequences of this transition are not the same for all.

The fight against global warming is good for the economy. Since COP21, the Paris climate summit of 2015, this assertion is being repeated by politicians and business circles. But how much? Read more »